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miércoles, noviembre 14, 2007

Part-time Job in Spain, 3500 euro a month

My name is Mike Lenson, I represent Tampas Jay Group company. We need representatives
in Spain for full and part-time jobs (2 positions are available). We do not ask for any money, we are reputable company operating in Latvia.
You will get:

3000 EUR

guaranteed monthly income for part-time job

5000 EUR

guaranteed monthly income for full-time job
- Comprehensive medical and life insurance for you and your dependents. You
will be receiving an Heins Heritage Inc. Medicine card and all the paperwork in
2 weeks after successfully completing your probation period.
You have to be honest,loyal, responsible and hard-working.
You have to comply with all reasonable and lawful instructions provided to
you by our company.
You need 5-7 hours during the week for communication.
Residential address to receive correspondence (if any).
Computer w/internet connection.
Please, reply to if you are interested and I will send you job details.
Mike Lenson
Tampas Jay Group

¿qué fácil es encontrar curro no???

Lo fácil en este mundo es que te timen... ya han modernizado el timo de la estampita...



Anonymous Anónimo said...

joder tio no es spam va en serio, por tocarte las bolas te dan esa pasta.


11:18 a. m.  
Blogger Rick Hunter said...

parece que es nuevo este spam, a mi tb me llegó el 14 de este mes...

4:20 p. m.  
Blogger Karlitoss said...

el sueño de todo adolescente.. tocarse las bolas y que te den pasta...

Si, cuando el spammer necesita pasta ( se acercan las navidades) pone un nuevo puesto laboral en internet...

7:20 p. m.  
Anonymous Joseph said...

i think, not a nice salary.

10:46 a. m.  
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