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miércoles, octubre 25, 2006, el spam de la Viagra

Hoy he recibido un correo de un tal oscar desde el contenido era simple. Una imagen donde abiertamente te inducían a comprar medicamentos online, tipo viagra, ciallis, Xanax y Vallium...

Dentro del texto de la imagen te señalana el lugar como lugar de compras..

Entro en ese sitio y me dicen que si, que venden en españa jajaj menos mal ya me pensaba ir jajajja

De todas formas hay una cosa que todavía no comprendo muy bien. En este tipo de correos suelen poner textos. A veces muy aleatorios pero en este caso se trata de una historia completa... supongo que será para evitar algún tipo de control de spam... a ver si un día lo compruebop que conbnozco un par de sitios que tienen instalados el spamassasin...

Os dejo el texto a ver si veís alguna pista:

well have you profited by my instructions.waiting for her, to conduct her to his aunt's house but before theypresent to his queen, his old companion and schoolfellow, Polixenes,
take you by the hand. But then you will think, which I protest I am such friendship I do love nothing in the world so well as you is not to seek Rosalind's father, the banished duke, in the forest of Arden.
which he gave to her maid Lucetta to deliver to her mistress. called me dog, and for these courtesies I am to lend you monies.his so highlypraised wife and at length, after much altercation,to MilfordHaven. When the venison they had taken was all eaten, and
under her father's displeasure, and had no fortune but her own person not a little startled to find himself known by such creatures but thanes and nobles, saying, that all that was honourable in the country
letters from his mother, containing the acceptable tidings that Helena

letters from his mother, containing the acceptable tidings that Helenagay things, he called in a taylor and a haberdasher, who brought somebeen so useless, Dromio as he thought returned. Antipholis,which the goldsmith by mistake had given to his brother. The lady
unfolded his plan. It was, that Isabel should go to lord Angelo, and lay doubtful of his destiny, presented to her this lamented brother she had wedded the brother instead of the sister.
manner of a beast, eating the wild roots, and drinking water, flying

senators only at parting, he bade them commend him to his countrymen,Romeo further than this the friar could not follow the story, norhis name, Hamlet, King, Father! and conjured him that he would tellforeign countries, the vast wildernesses and romantic caverns, the
Othello more entirely than Cassio. Michael Cassio was a young soldier, suitable to her high birth. He gave her the most careful education, so faith, and loyalty, who, when he might have succeeded to a throne,
in their eyes received them, as men escaped from death. They plied
upon Perse, daughter to Oceanus.There also might Ulysses have seen and spoken with the shades ofthem an escape even out of this peril. In particular he cheered updriven him upon it was past but then again the rock drove back that
which seemed not like the act of wrongful or unjust men, such as turn in the island, to the great joy of the queen his mother, who had transformed him and Telemachus, who saw the change, but nothing of
had the first offer, and he took the bow and fitting an arrow to the place where they had done the evil, there wreaked he his vengeancewould manage the little wrangler by himself. When my uncle was gone I My name you know is Withers, but as I once thought I was the daughter
out at the door before miss LesleyI stood irresolute she drew reluctance, to quit a mansion which had been the scene of so many him the cause of my distress. The old man asked him to walk into the
you called it not remembering that at this very time you gave thetheir lives resided, which stood in the midst of that lonely tract of When I had been a year and a half in England, the captain, who

Curiosamente en su aviso legal dicen que es la propietaria de la web que enlaza al mismo sitio...