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miércoles, enero 14, 2009

esta página china nos recuerda que las mujeres quieren más músculos. Lo que no dice es que también les gustan los tipos que leen ... a algunas claro no a las tontas.

We asked, and they answered: Women told us the top 10 muscles they love to see most. Here's how to build three that she's checking out.

Get a better butt. She's looking for a posterior she can hold on to: "During sex she can reach around, grab it, and literally pull you toward her," says Timothy Perper, Ph.D., a biologist and author of Sex Signals: The Biology of Love. Try this move to get it in shape, or do this four-move workout to really build your booty.

Next: forearms. They're the only muscle that's showing most of the day, and substantial forearms show women you're capable—of carrying stuff, or scaring off a mugger. Build them when you work on any pulling exercise: Chinups, pullups, rows, and everything else that builds your back.

One more: the moneymaker. OK, it's technically called your inguinal crease—the line the points from your hip to where you'd like her to pay attention (below the Mason-Dixon line). Use these tips to uncover yours and catch her attention.

Want more muscle that will force her to look twice? Check out all 10 muscles women love most in this list.