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domingo, abril 01, 2007

Vera sokol - nuevo mensaje de esta rusa

Vera sokol

Vera sokol me envía esta foto cuando le pido que me envié una en bikini o en topless.. Sin duda es la foto en la que sale peor. Lleva un pelo horrible y esas uñas tan largas le hacen parecer una actriz porno del montón. Mala elección para este estafador si pretende engañar a alguien. Supongo que este estafador/a tendrá un dvd con múltitud de fotos de varias chicas y las irá enviando a sus posibles vistimas a ver si les saca algo.

Acompañando a la foto me salía el siguiente texto:

My dear!
I like to work as engenier!!
I would like to fall asleep today and to wake up only on Friday as I cannot wait for our meeting any more.
I hope that your day today has passed well.
I today missed all the day and thought about our the first meetings.
You could meet me at the airport with a bouquet of roses?
I very much love roses and it would be very pleasant for me!
YES, this happiness that I have met you, I any more do not present myself without you!!!!!!!!!!
Always yours Vera

A este mensaje yo le contesto lo siguiente:

Hi Vera, how are you??

what temperature are you?? and in your town?

do u can come here the next days??

i love the moment I see you

I only think about you

My brother has a computer company, if do you like comoputers you can
work with him.

I certainly will walk to you with a bouquet a roses and i think with
some sweet from me .

i would like to go to a hotel very near the beach when you arrive to stay
with you some days and furthermore we will can kwnow morethings about

I am so happy waiting the next days to see you

do you can on 14 march??

I will be waiting at the airport

Kisses from carlos

Ella de forma muy rápida me contesta lo siguiente:

My dear!
Excuse that could not write to you earlier!
Today all the day I prepared for that that tomorrow I shall receive the visa and I shall arrive to you.
I already have completely collected all things and is completely ready to go to you.
I am very tired for today and I should go to bed today early as tomorrow early in the morning I shall
receive my visa and I shall go to you.
I tomorrow should have many forces.
My dear now I shall go to sleep and already tomorrow we shall be together.
I very much need in you and very much I miss.
Absolutely soon we shall meet face to face and we will speak how many we shall want.
Sweet dreams my dear!
Tomorrow yours Vera

Ya se ve venir el desenlace... a ver cuanto me pide....

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