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viernes, diciembre 29, 2006

Corrupción en Marbella llega al spam

Este correo spam no tiene pérdida alguna. al parecer se trata de una persona inglesa con intereses inmobiliarios en Marbella. Su objetivo es que le blanqueemos 640 millones de dólares:

Dear Intended Associate, A Very Goodday To You! I am Dr.David Bryan Ellis, British National,the Chairman / CEO of DBE International Consortium based in Marbella, Spain and i am in search of a trustworthy investment Expert cum funds manager, who would be disposed in handling the aforementioned a hundred percent for reinvestment purposes. I would have ordinarilly done this on my own given my investments experiences, but, because of the situations with my close friend in Marbella (, the Government here is watching all my activities, these are my limitations, hence i need this favour. I earned $640 Million Us Dollars Only ( Six Hundred & Forty Million United States Dollars Only ) the marbella property windfall with the help of my Marbella Government friends, during the property increase a while ago here in Marbella and i need a fund Manager,that will help me invest this amount. For Further details pls get back to me as soon as possible with your, Full Names. Contact Address. Tel/Fax Numbers. Secured email Address. I await your urgent response via my direct secured email: Yours Sincerely Dr.David B.Ellis Do not reply to this email . Your response have to be sent at: , directly to Dr.David Bryan Ellis

Para el engaño utilizan el dominio, que a primera vista parece una web seria y que no tenga anda que ver en el asunto...

Lo dicho el timo de estampita ha paso por Marbella y ha llegado al spam.

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