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jueves, diciembre 28, 2006

Desde me dicen que la pastilla que más éxito tiene es vialis:

A Soft Tab is an oral lozenge, mint in flavor, containing pure Tadalafil Citrate that is placed under your tongue and dissolved. This method allows for the medicine to enter your bloodstream much faster than digesting a pill. For men who formerly had to wait 60 or 90 minutes when taking Cialis in pill form, you can now experience results in 15 minutes or less when using a Soft Tab. This is enough time to keep your partner in the mood while the medicine is absorbed into your body. No more planning for sex hours in advance. With Soft Tabs, you can be ready when your partner is ready.

Al parecer vialis es un fármaco parecido a la viagra...

Joooo!!!! a 9$ la pastilla... mi papi se queda sin mojar esta nochevieja... jajajja

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