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sábado, junio 24, 2006

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martes, junio 06, 2006

[CountdownCreations] Your STS-121 Headquarters

Countdown Enterprises - - Rocket Town - June
1, 2006

SPACE MEMORABILIA SHOW: For the second year, Countdown Creations will
be exhibiting at the NASA Glenn Research Center/
Space Memorabilia Show on Saturday, June 17 from 10:00 to 4:00pm in
Cleveland, Ohio. For more information, see: http://

In this issue:

New/Featured Products
* STS-121 Return To Flight Headquarters
* Wonderfoam Giant Solar System Map Floor Puzzle
* Challenger and Christa McAuliffe DVDs

Regular features
* Your Discount Coupon
* Free T-Shirt Drawing Winner
* Join the Countdown Creations crew!

--- New/Featured Products ---------------------------

STS-121 Return To Flight Headquarters
NASA has targetted July 1 for the launch of Discovery on mission
STS-121. Check out our selection of apparel and memorabilia related
to NASA's 2nd Return to Flight mission to the space station:

Wonderfoam Giant Solar System Map Floor Puzzle
This Giant Foam Solar System Map is a thick, easy to clean floor
puzzle that makes a great play area anywhere.:

Challenger and Christa McAuliffe DVDs
Two new titles on DVD look at the lessons and legacy of the first
space shuttle accident, 20 years later:

These and more new products can always be found on our New Products

--- Discount Coupon -----------------------------------

Our coupon code for the month of June — "launchpad" (without quotes)
— celebrates that Space Shuttle Discovery is now at Pad 39B in
preparation for launch of STS-121. Save 10% through the end of the

Want to save even more? Check out our Specials:

--- Free T-Shirt Drawing -------------------------------

Congratulations to Denise Speechley of Barrington, New Hampshire --
our latest winner of a free space t-shirt!

To enter for next month's drawing, visit:

--- Join the Countdown Creations crew! -------------------

Attention Houston-area space enthusiasts, Countdown Enterprises is
now recruiting candidates for its full-time customer service crew.
Send your resume to:

Countdown Creations and its store Rocket Town is located at 528 W.
Bay Area Blvd. in Webster, Texas, in the Webster Plaza Shopping
Center. Rocket Town's normal hours are 9:00am to 9:00pm Monday
through Saturday.

If you would like to be removed from this mailing list, please send
an email to with the subject line
Countdown-Creations mailing list

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jueves, junio 01, 2006

seguridad mejorada para clientes

Estimado cliente,

Es muy importante a leer.
Puede ser que Usted haya notado que la semana pasada nuestro sitio funcionaba inestable y se observaban frecuentes intermitencias.
Hemos renovado nuestras instalaciones bancarias y ahora el problema esta resuelta.
Pero para una capacidad de trabajo correcta de sus cuentas bancarias, le pedimos a Usted introducir los detalles completos de la cuenta para que pudamos renovar nuestra base de los clientes y comprobar nuestro sistema nuevo de proteccion de los datos.

Tome este enlace para verificar sus datos bancarios.
Esta carta es automaticamente mandada a cada cliente del Banco Santander Central Hispano, no hay necesidad a responder.

Con respeto,
El servicio del mantenimiento tecnico del Banco.

© Banco Santander Central Hispano, S.A. Santander Central Hispano es una marca registrada. Todos los derechos reservados.

el link iba para