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lunes, julio 02, 2007

From Mr.Tony Malick!!!


I am sending this letter to you with respect, I got your e-mail contact address when I was seriously searching for a reliable foreign partner through a profile which convinced me of your capability and wide experience in business.However, I am Mr.Tony Malick, from Guinea Conakry one of the Senior Military Officer, I believe that this mail will meet you in a good condition. I saw your e-mail contact and I feel that it will be more private and confidence to transact with you.

I confined in you with hope that you will not betray me at last, my most required concern is you to take me as your best friend whily we establishing a long lasting relationship. Presently I'm in Dakar Senegal, I am seeking your kind help to secure an asset in your Country, the sum of US$6,500,000.00. (Six million five hundred thousand US dollars) And 4 kilogram’s of diamonds. I realised this items when the revolution united front (R.U.F) I was the Commandant and it's was kept under my care, for purchase of arms. It was a situation of the revolution movement (R.M) In my Country Guinea, I considered it as a chance and then I made away immediately with it and deposited it in a private fiduciary firm here in Dakar Senegal for safe keeping.

I am contacting you now as my reliable person that will help to move this items to your Country. Because as my present situation here now did not permit me to handle such transaction alone. My aim of contacting you, is to help and assist me in two ways.(1)To help move the money to your Country, pending when I can arrange to meet with you.(2) To help and invest the money, all will based on your professional and expert advise.

Please, note that a substantial portion of this items will be compensate to you for your assistance and help. Please, reply immediately, for immediate arrangement to move the items to your Country. Please, keep this utmost secrecy and confidentiality as you can understand that I’m still into hiding. I will be waiting for your respond.

Thanks for your co-operation, God bless you.

Yours Sincerely.

Mr.Tony Malick.

Lo veo claro.. en pocos días voy a ser millonario... ¡que suerte que tengo!!! jajajaj

con este spam no eh.. con la lotería primitiva