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jueves, mayo 17, 2007

Olga de Yoshkar-Ola

Este spam no lo he recibido yo. Por lo que no tengo todos los datos. Básicamente es lo de siempre.. recibes un correo... le contestas si tiene fotos y te responden con un si y que quieren ir a conocerte...

Hello my dear friend!!!
How are you doing? I hope that all perfectly. I am very happy to receive
letter and to see that you really to be interested in my first letter.
Really it is very interesting to me to learn you more.
I would like to tell to you about that I really lonely woman and
I very much would like to have acquaintance man for serious relations.
For this purpose I addressed in agency of acquaintances and gave them my
To me tell that I can really find man through their agency and
they allowed me some e-mails. I choosed yours and it's very pleasant for
that you answered for my letter. I hope that we can learn more about each
I'm understand that you is interesting where I took yours e-mail,
but now I can not tell you it precisely because I not have contact with
travel agency,
and agency in Yoshkar-Ola , and I'm in Moscow now,
and I can receive the visa. It's good for you? What do you think?
I want to have acquaintance with good man very much.
I have some questions for you.
How there is your life? Can you send pic of you more???
What you to think about our meeting?
Would you like that I can arrive to you during a week?
Tell to me about city in which you you live!!!!!
I wait for your letter.
Your friend Olga

La verdad es que esta chica está bastante bien dotada pero necesita un nuevo estilista.. esos coloritos jajaja

Se parece a alguna gitana de mi barrio y supongo que será el mismo spammer del que yahe comentado cosas aquí en este blog y que al aprecer reside en Yoshkar-Ola

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