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domingo, abril 29, 2007

CDPN - China Datacom Corp.

..CDPN Moves To Corners GPS Market In China!

China Datacom Corp.

Close: $0.065

CDPN announced Friday that is has acquired all outstanding shares of
General Link Information Systems, Chinas only GPS vehicle monitoring
management system. GPS systems are huge; controlling that market is
bigger. Read the news and get on CDPN first thing Monday!

Among the 50,000 background checks run this year on Manhattan tenants
On-Site. A partner in a law firm is entitled to a percentage of the
firm's profits with a fixed draw.
"It's becoming more mature in general.
Not everyone is fit to work in commercial real estate.
He recommended seeking individual owners who are leasing condo units.
They are being rented quickly.
(Teri Karush Rogers, "Only the Strongest Survive", New York Times, Nov.
"There is nothing special in buying a pre-war anymore," said Ilan
Bracha, executive vice president at Prudential Douglas Elliman. The
conversion, which will be complete by next winter, is about 90 percent
sold after going on the market in March, said Dillon.
Data prepared by Miller for the third quarter of this year show the
volume of co-op and condo sales in Manhattan running neck and neck.
Habitats Marketing Group is the exclusive marketing and leasing agent.
Whether a landlord owns one or many dwellings, tight supply means he or
she can aspire to renters with sterling credit histories. Bloomberg has
plans for the city to build 165,000 affordable units over 10 years,
including several developments in Queens.
New York in the national consciousness is an edgy, unruly city, a place
for cultural encounters of every kind. It makes sense, because if you
have a building where you expect between 400 and 600 people to live
there, if you allow shares, you'll see around 1,200 people live there.
Whether a landlord owns one or many dwellings, tight supply means he or
she can aspire to renters with sterling credit histories. How about
undersupply and oversupply in terms of different neighborhoods?
Even then, a history of litigation against a prior landlord usually
triggers automatic disqualification. Heath and her family live in
Stuyvesant Town, a complex that, with adjacent Peter Cooper Village, is
one of the last reservoirs of rent-protected middle-income housing in
gilded Manhattan. We are seeing a lot of condo units being rented out
and this has surprised a lot of investors who had thought to flip the
A licensed sales person, Brown makes a 25 percent cut of the commission
on Cass' exclusive listings. They can also be choosy about their
tenants' income levels, said Robert Kiliman, a principal at ATA
Enterprises, which manages Murray Hill high-rises such as the Manhattan
You're an entrepreneur.
"We were attracted to the neighborhood because it's underserved in
of new condo product," said David Sigman, a senior vice president at
LCOR, the Charleston's developer. Thirty percent of its neighborhoods
are middle-income, compared with 40 percent nationally.
condo in a newly constructed building; 24-hr.
But, in a short period of time, he said, it can grow to hundreds of
thousands of dollars a year.
From an earnings standpoint, Saez-Fromm said it is better to be an
than a manager. He recommended seeking individual owners who are
condo units.
, said laminates are taking off in mid-priced markets because of their
flexibility and durability. 25 percent, the vacancy rate was slightly
above the already tight Manhattan average of . What sort of rental
is in shortest supply?
Furthermore, he said, most people in the larger firms say that this is
probably the best time ever. Yet, he said, "It's probably one of the
most demanding jobs because of safety and liability issues. "When
someone starts as a sales broker, it's not what you know anymore, it's
who you know," Fox said.
"I think you're going to see an increase in their concern and desire to
be involved," he said.
And, more agents want to become brokers, she added.
But maybe not quite as hot as it was this summer. Renters are presumed
litigious if they stopped paying rent to a slumlord or even if they
acquired a court record by mistake. "In the hard surfaces market,
laminates, engineered woods and exotic materials, like the mahogany
floors in New York, have emerged as major players.
I feel now is an opportune time given the pricing. That was the
six-month increase since the period between October 2001 and April
when the number grew by 614.

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