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viernes, diciembre 15, 2006

Otra vez la farmacia canadiense que nos quiere alegrar la navidad...

De tanto Viagra que esperan vender ni me imagino como va a ir la peña por las calles de Ontario.

La verdad es que su web es la ostia. Cuentan con nada menos que dos famosos doctores. Unmo se llama Paul Newman y el otro Jack Poppins y no es coña:

Dr. Jack PoppinsDr. Jack Poppins
studied reanimatology at Ontario Medical State University in 1969. He worked as a reanimator in the private clinic, White Ribbon, in Ontario until 1990. He became one of the founders of the famous Jack Poppins clinic, specializing in brain surgery in 1991. In 1992, he completed his Ph.D. on Alzheimer's disease. He is one of the founders of CIPA (Canadian International Pharmacy Association). Over the years, Dr. Poppins has been an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of British Columbia, Director of Professional Programs for the Justice Institute of British Columbia [Parametic Academy], and has also been involved in many Phase 3 studies looking at the safety and therapeutic effects of a variety of medications and therapies. He is married and has two sons.

Dr. Jack PoppinsDr. Paul Newman graduated from the faculty of psychiatry at the University of Ottawa, Ontario in 1973 and started practicing as a family psychiatrist. He practiced psychiatry medicine for 16 years, and since 1992 he has been wasco-owner of several ambulatory medical and travel clinics. In 2000-2001 he and his partner, Dr. Poppins, founded Pharmacy and opened the first office in Canada. This opening created national media attention on both sides of the border. He was a founding member of CIPA [Canadian International Pharmacy Association], an organization that represents and supports the ethical and professional practice of international pharmacies. Dr. Newman is also involved in research as principal investigator for a variety of Phase 3 vaccine trials.

Vamos .. todo un referente para comprar apstillas allí.

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