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martes, noviembre 14, 2006

AUNI.OB - American Unity Investments

Se trata de otra compañia con intereses en China y que trata de abrise parte a través del peligroso del spam.

Nos dicen en su web:

Notice on Unsolicited E-mail (Spam)

If you receive an email that mentions AUNI and has a link to our site or was purportedly sent by us, you may have received an unsolicited email (spam) sent by someone else.
Though AUNI is a young company, we hold ourselves to standards intended to keep a strong business reputation far into the future. Naturally this does not include spamming people.
Here is our position on spam:
# We do not send or authorize unsolicited emails and we strongly oppose the action.
# We are carrying out our own investigation concerning spamming and intend to take appropriate legal action when necessary.
# We remind all persons who may be involved in these activities that sending unsolicited e-mail messages is prohibited by your Internet Service Provider's policies and the U.S. Can-Spam Act of 2003.

Si nos atenemos a sus palabras, podrían estar siendo atacados por la competencia. Pero habría que hacerles una investigación más exhaustiva de la que hice a la empresa Genetsis en el ascensor de Paco