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domingo, noviembre 12, 2006

Asian Trading Company

He recibido un correo ofreciéndome un trabajo... el salrio es bajo, unos 900$... por eso no salgo de mi casa jejeje y encima tengo que ser ciudadano canadiense,americano o australiano...

He aquí el mensaje:

Asian Trading Company. Tel:+81-(50)5532-5187

Dear Candidate, We have a job offer available for you in response to your Initial request in the Job search directory.We are a very small International trading company with our corporate headquarters based in China/Japan.We deal on raw materials and finished personal care products including live long products. Due to our competent records we have been recieving orders from CANADA,USA,NORTHERN AMERICA,AUSTRALIA,and EUROPE which we have not been able to process competently since we do not have a payment recieving personel in these Areas as it is difficult to have payments sent from foreign countries processed within a short time in ASIA.We have decided to recruit payment officers online hence we will be needing a representative to process our payments in these areas - due to delays in processing payments from these areas in ASIA.

What we offer:Flexible program: two hours/day at your choice,daytime and evening time.
Work at home: checking e-mail and going to the bank Part time or full time Professional contact team with very good support and communication skillsOther highlights: no selling involved,no kit to buy,we won't charge you anythingMonthly salary: $450 every two weeks to a total of $900 per monthCommission:10% of every money order/check that is cashed instantly "cash in hand" or "cash on counter" is what you get from the total cashed amount.

If you meet these conditions please contact us by replying at this e-mail address( to receive a Representative Contract agreement.
Please add your the following information below:
Your Full Name:
Residential Home Address(NOT P.O BOX):
Phone Numbers:HOME/CELL

For quick delivery of payments if you are interested.We will never ask you for anything more then that, no bank names, no bank account number, routing number, credit card,passwords,ssn # etc.If anyone asks for those on our behalf please do not give out this info.This is to ensure your security and non involvement in cases of Identity Theft.
Jet Lee Cheng
Director of Payments

Estos son muy listos sólo dejan una dirección de correo de aol, unas cuentas muy extendidas en los estados unidos.

Si alguien les envía un correo que me avise de su respuesta... espero vuestras cartas...