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lunes, noviembre 27, 2006

APWL, el spam búrsatil

Sigue llegando ,y parece que no va a acabar nunca, el spam búrsatil. Compañías de todos los colores que utilizan el spam como medio de darse a conocer a futuros inversores... éstos no parecen ni tener web.. y yo me pregunto cómo una compañía con un nombre como Advanced Powerline Technologies puede no tener web o no ser capaz de encontrarla... no creo que nadie invierta en una compañía así. Señores y señoras inviertan en linux o en Microsoft pero no en Advanced Powerline Technologies.

We have brought you winner after winner this year and things are only
getting better!

We called it! APWL is up BIG on good volume. We
hope you took a position early and are smiling right
now. If you didn't, don't worry. The big spike is
expected also on Tuesday, November 28. Get in now!

The 21st century home is one in which broadband is available in every
room. Video streams to wherever you choose to watch it. Home
appliances are seamlessly integrated into a comprehensive network.
This is already a reality for the wealthy, and is just now becoming a booming
business as it spreads to the middle class house.
Our next feature makes
this all possible, and is bringing it to the world!

CompanyAdvanced Powerline Technologies
Symbol: APWL
Price: 0.10 Up (20.48%)
Short Term Target: 0.27
Long Term Target: 1.10

.... y sigue y sigue